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Foundation Repair

Foundation repair should not be left waiting as your property is put more at risk.

If you’re who does foundation repair near me, we serve Saint John and the surrounding area.

Foundation Repair

Repair Foundation

For the all home and business owners, dealing foundation cracks and fractures along with persistent water leaks that eventually make their way into your basement is stressful and aggravating.

Quick do it yourself repairs frequently fall apart when expansion and contraction take place and moisture eventually loosens the water-soluble components. As the structure regularly expands and contracts as a result of the change of temperature, Saint John Concrete is are aware that fractures will develop.

Water Damange

Problems with Foundation Repair


Those who wish to tackle large problems like foundation repair who do not have any experience with successful projects often are overly confident with quick solutions which they’ve found online or through a “trusted” friend.


Each foundation repair problem should have a complimentary solution to it. There is no one size fits all solutions and because of this, one solution is inadequate for all problems involving foundation repair.


Waiting to see if the problem gets better is by far the worse thing that you can do. What lay beneath the foundation, on it, or even weather elements all contribute to problems continuing to worsen, often needing further work to correct a once simple problem.

Cracked Foundation

Foundation Repair Near Me

Foundation repair near me is a search term which the Saint John area looks for. This means that people just like yourself are dealing with similar issues as your foundation and need a skilled concrete contractor to provide a cost-effective solution.

Saint John Concrete is by far the best concrete service solution for foundation repair. We ensure that a highly qualified concrete contractor will assess the problem area, inform you of the options, and provide any clarification and education you may desire to ensuring what you can do it minimizing your risk of this ever happening again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Foundation repair questions relating to the most popular topics are addressed to help you make the best choice possible for your home or business.

Can my foundation be repaired?

Concrete foundations regardless of when or who has poured them struggle similar issues. The solutions to each vary, but they all have the capacity of being repaired properly to the extent that the risk of further damage occurring will be minimized, allowing stress relief that will last for years.

There are several types of soil in and around Saint John. Sand, silt, clay, or any mixture of the three, make up these soil types and their textures. Silt has superior intermediate drainage properties, clay is more likely to hold water, and sandy soils have a tendency to drain water quickly.

What does a good foundation repair look like?

First by assessing the foundation and determining the source of the problem. A sinking foundation can be detected by cracked walls, unresponsive doors, and chimneys that separate from the home.  The good news is that these problems can be resolved. Saint John Concrete can help you with the underlying foundation settlement as well. We have helped a lot of homeowners and business owners with this and know exactly what happens with the Saint John, NB weather through all seasons.

Many individuals struggle with the choice of foundation replacement vs foundation repair. Some people might believe that they must go all out and have the entire foundation removed and redone if their foundation has a problem. This strategy is time-consuming, expensive, intrusive, and it doesn’t address the fundamental problem. Instead, depending on the issue and the symptoms, a variety of repair approaches may be used to address the issues your property is facing. There are many benefits of foundation repair for your house, your family, or your company.

Here’s some options you need to know:

1. Safety and structural integrity of the foundation

The floors and walls under you giving way will prevent you from being able to call your home or place of business a safe place, which is something everyone should be able to say. There may be other things you’d want to get done, but the longer foundation problems are left unattended, the more expensive and hazardous they will become. Repairing foundation movement and cracks properly will protect both the present and the future. .

2. Investing Into Your Property

Either you intend to stay put for a while or you are thinking about selling.
Your home will ultimately be put on the market in any scenario, so make sure it is ready. Numerous factors affect the real estate/resale value of your property.

The bulk of house purchasers want beautiful, worry-free residences, but many homeowners enjoy repairing and selling fixer-uppers. For business owners who own their building, the same is true. Foundation problems may make it harder for buyers to get a mortgage and reduce your home’s sale value by 10% to 30%.
You must disclose any structural or basic difficulties before selling.

What is the best fix for my foundation problem?

Don’t you feel inspired to address these issues before they worsen after reading about typical foundation problem symptoms, their causes, and the benefits of fixing them? Are you prepared to reclaim your house?

You have access to a multitude of materials on the Internet and even in your neighbourhood hardware and home improvement stores. However, take a moment to hear us out before deciding to take on a project on your own.

Even if you’re skilled and handy, foundation repair is a major business. It’s not intended to be something you can work on with a friend in your leisure time. Fixing your foundation problems correctly the first time by using tried-and-true fixes from a dependable contractor.

You have probably heard tales from friends and neighbours who have hired contractors and had terrible experiences.
Or perhaps you’ve already had direct experience of it. The homeowner-contractor relationship is notorious for stories of poor workmanship, damage, messes, unfinished projects, and more.

Avoid falling into this false generalization about contractors. If foundation repair is necessary for your house, be prepared by doing your homework on possible contractor partners. Before choosing which contractor to hire, do yourself a favor and do your research. Ask for contractor must-haves like licenses, insurance, certificates, and other relevant paperwork. Find out as much as you can about a firm. It’s also beneficial to get to know a contractor’s clients.

What's different about Saint John Concrete?

The Saint John Concrete crew is your go-to team for foundation repair issues.
We can demonstrate to you that we are not like other contractors. We are questioning and altering the relationship between homeowners and contractors.
When you choose to do business with us, you will have a unique experience with a firm and receive high-quality service. .

We bring the experience of hundreds of successful foundation repair jobs with us when we visit your residence or place of business.