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Cracked Foundation

Cracked foundation problems steal safety and value from your property as foundation crack repair only worsens over time.

All Saint John and near by communities are served.

Cracked Foundation

Cracked Foundation

Saint John Concrete understands that the majority of homeowners have experienced the frustrating issue of foundation wall cracks and the tenacious water leaks that finally find their way into your basement. Unfortunately, a lot of foundation crack repair methods just include sealing the fissures with epoxy, hydraulic cement, or other filler.

These fast fixes typically fail when moisture ultimately loosens the water-soluble components and expansion and contraction occur. We are aware that cracks will persist as the structure continuously expands and contracts as a result of warmer and colder weather.

Concrete Repair

Cracked Foundation Repair


Bowing walls, doors and windows that stick or rub, uneven floors, wall cracks are all signs that sturdy, stable and the safety of your home can be compromised leading to a cracked foundation.


The cause of your foundation damage is unique to your home. Some of the more common causes are hydrostatic pressure, soil settling or expansion, and frost.


Polyurethane and epoxy injections are the best solutions. Polyurethane allows for flexibility for movement including shrinkage or expansion. It is water repellent. Epoxy injections provide structural strength which exceeds the strength of the concrete itself.

Cracked Foundation

Foundation Crack Repair

The restoration of foundation cracks is a specialty of Saint John Concrete. We are aware that fixing your foundation properly comes before trying to waterproof your basement.

Give us a call, and our team of repair experts will collaborate with you to identify the most practical and affordable way to carry out a successful, long-lasting foundation repair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn why a damaged foundation can steal value from your property due to it becoming a safety issue and liability which only grows in cost the longer it remains unresolved. Our hope is to provide you with our cracked foundation repair solutions as soon as possible!

What caused my foundation problem?

Different problems might lead to Saint John foundation repair issues. But many can be linked to the earth, which is their common ancestor. Inadequately compacted fill soils, poor soil upkeep, and expanding or contracting soil bases are a few of these problems. Although they might seem irreparable, if discovered in time, they are simple to correct.

In and around Saint John, there are many different types of soil. These soil types and their textures are made up of sand, silt, clay, or any combination of the three. Clay is more prone to retain water, silt has better intermediate drainage characteristics, and sandy soils tend to drain water more quickly.

How Can I Fix My Foundation Problems?

Cracked walls, unresponsive doors, and chimneys that split from the house are signs of a sinking foundation. The good news is that these issues are fixable, though. Additionally, Saint John Concrete can assist you in addressing the underlying foundation settlement. We have assisted numerous home and business owners in doing this.

The decision between foundation repair and foundation replacement is one that many people struggle with. Some might assume that if their foundation has a problem, they’ll need to go all out and have the entire foundation removed and replaced. This approach is time-consuming, costly, intrusive, and it doesn’t deal with the underlying issue. Instead, several repair techniques can be employed to solve the problems your property is experiencing depending on the issue and the symptoms. The advantages of foundation repair for you, your family or business, and your property are numerous.

Here’s just two of the many benefits:

1. Structural Integrity and Safety

Everyone should be able to call their house a safe haven or their business a safe place but that won’t be possible if the floors and walls give way beneath you. There may be other tasks you’d like to complete, but the longer you put off fixing foundation issues, the more expensive and dangerous they will be in the long run. You can safeguard the present and future by correctly repairing foundation cracks and movement.

2. Increased Property Value

You might be planning to stay where you are for awhile or might be considering selling. In either case, your property will eventually be put on the market, so make sure it is prepared. Your property’s real estate/resale value depends on a wide range of variables.

While many home owners like remodeling and selling fixer-uppers, the majority of home buyers demand immaculate, worry-free properties. The same is true for business owners who own their building. Foundation issues may make it more difficult for purchasers to obtain a mortgage and decrease the selling value of your property by 10% to 30%. When selling you will need to disclose any foundational issues, structural issues.

What is the best fix for my foundation problem?

Don’t you feel inspired to address these issues before they worsen after reading about typical foundation problem symptoms, their causes, and the benefits of fixing them? Are you prepared to reclaim your house?

You have access to a multitude of materials on the Internet and even in your neighbourhood hardware and home improvement stores. However, take a moment to hear us out before deciding to take on a project on your own.

Even if you’re skilled and handy, foundation repair is a major business. It’s not intended to be something you can work on with a friend in your leisure time. Fixing your foundation problems correctly the first time by using tried-and-true fixes from a dependable contractor.

You have probably heard tales from friends and neighbours who have hired contractors and had terrible experiences.
Or perhaps you’ve already had direct experience of it. The homeowner-contractor relationship is notorious for stories of poor workmanship, damage, messes, unfinished projects, and more.

Avoid falling into this false generalization about contractors. If foundation repair is necessary for your house, be prepared by doing your homework on possible contractor partners. Before choosing which contractor to hire, do yourself a favor and do your research. Ask for contractor must-haves like licenses, insurance, certificates, and other relevant paperwork. Find out as much as you can about a firm. It’s also beneficial to get to know a contractor’s clients.

Can Saint John Conrete help me?

If you are facing foundation repair problems, the team at Saint John Concrete is your solution. We are not like other contractors, and we can prove it to you. We are challenging and changing the way homeowners work with contractors. When you choose to work with us, you will have an experience like you’ve never had before with a company, and we will provide high quality service.

When we come and visit your home or business, we bring the knowledge of hundreds of successful foundation repair projects with us.